Ludacris - Ludaversal (Deluxe) [MEGA][2015][320Kbps] Full Album

01 Ludaversal Intro.mp3
02 Grass Is Always Greener.mp3
03 Call Ya Bluff.mp3
04 Lyrical Healing.mp3
05 Beast Mode.mp3
06 Viagra Skit.mp3
07 Get Lit.mp3
08 Come and See Me Interlude.mp3
09 Come and See Me (feat. Big K.R.I.T.).mp3
10 Good Lovin (feat. Miguel).mp3
11 Ocean Skies (feat. Monica).mp3
12 Not Long (feat. Usher).mp3
13 Charge It To the Rap Game.mp3
14 This Has Been My World.mp3
15 Money (feat. Rick Ross).mp3
16 Problems (feat. Cee Lo Green).mp3
17 In My Life (feat. John Legend).mp3
18 Burning Bridges (feat. Jason Aldean).mp3

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