Prince Royce - Double Vision (Deluxe Edition) [2015] FULL ALBUM [320Kbps][MEGA]

01. Stuck On A Feeling (feat. Snoop Dogg)
02. Handcuffs
03. Back It Up (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull) [Video Version]
04. Lucky One
05. Double Vision (feat. Tyga)
06. Lie To Me
07. Dangerous (feat. Kid Ink)
08. Extraordinary
09. Seal It With A Kiss
10. There For You
11. Paris On A Sunny Day
12. Chemical
13. Lay You Down
14. With You
15. Getaway
16. End Of My World


Marc Anthony - Sus Mejores Éxitos [Edición de Lujo][2CDs][320Kbps][2015]

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