Steve Aoki - Neon Future I - 2014 [256Kbps][MEGA][Full]

001-Steve Aoki-Transcendence (Intro) (Feat. Ray Kurzweil).Mp3
002-Steve Aoki-Neon Future (Feat. Luke Steele Of Empire Of The Sun).Mp3
003-Steve Aoki-Back To Earth (Feat. Fall Out Boy).Mp3
004-Steve Aoki-Born To Get Wild (Feat. Will.I.Am).Mp3
005-Steve Aoki-Rage The Night Away (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame).Mp3
006-Steve Aoki-Delirious (Boneless) (Feat. Kid Ink).Mp3
007-Steve Aoki-Free The Madness (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly).Mp3
008-Steve Aoki-Afroki (Feat. Bonnie Mckee).Mp3
009-Steve Aoki-Get Me Outta Here (Feat. Flux Pavilion).Mp3
010-Steve Aoki-Beyond Boundaries (Outro) (Feat. Aubrey De Grey).Mp3
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